Lessons in History Series

"After Delacroix / Orphan in the Cemetery"
27.5" x 35 (frame dimensions) 18"x24"(printed image) on 22x30 Lenox 100 paper
One of the primary themes in my series entitled ”Lessons In History”, is the senseless brutality and diabolical inhumanity wielded by those who are strong upon those who are weak. By the term ‘strong’, I am referring to any entity with power (militarily, politically, economically, philosophically) possessing the will to act against the weak or the vulnerable. In his “Orphan Girl at the Cemetery”, oil on canvas, Musee du Louvre, Eugene Delacroix depicts a young woman whose facial expression suggests that she is haunted by fear and foreboding. My choice to incorporate a low flying Nazi Heinkel dive bomber gives the viewer a more immediate historical connection with the constant specter of
organized military aggression.