The Tin Toy Series

"The Long Slender Thread"The Tin Toy Series

"Babel / the work continues..."The Tin Toy Series

"Artist, Teacher, Surgeon"The Tin Toy Series

"Cheating At Chess"
The Tin Toy Series

"Winds of Shimohira"The Tin Toy Series

"Quintessential Question, Station of the Cross no. 13""

The Tin Toy Series

"Vacillation Continuum / Crime and Punishment"The Tin Toy Series

"Delivering the Golden Goose""Slippery Slopes of Mt. Entitlement"

The Tin Toy Series
In this series of serigraphic prints, I look at the wind-up tin toys as a means of invoking the curiosity of childhood and a nostalgia for a less complicated world. In the same breath, I place the toys in an adult context of various types to bring the viewer into a contemplative arena of ideas. In this print, the wind-up tin toys are like federal programs which are wound up by billions of tax payer dollars, which are rarely beneficial in the long term. They are like ‘band-aides’ only offering a temporary superficial reparations to deeper problems, where the skills of a surgeon could only help. Like tin toys they are wound up and soon run down. The Golden Goose suggests the exact same metaphor, only on a much larger scale where lump sum billions are used to
bail-out Corporate America.