Corporate America Series

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Corporate America Series
For years now, I have been seeing strong correlations between corporate America, with its often covert ruthless practices, and the predator vs. prey relationship in the natural world. With the advent of our vast ever growing digital infrastructure, corporations are able to purchase from willing providers, intimate and sensitive data about private individuals who make up the consumer population. This virtually unrestricted access obviously militates against our presumed, though eroding, right of privacy. The federal government, in like manner, is also very involved in collecting data for the purposes of monitoring and profiling individuals under the guise of protecting our national security and interests. Because we are often oblivious to this ever-tightening vise holding our domestic world in its iron grip, I opted to represent us, the American consumer, as infants stripped bare of any privacy and propriety, in a sink or swim situation, vulnerable to the toothy jaws of Corporate America. The purpose I see in such an image is to prompt my viewers to ask pertinent questions about the behaviors of corporate America.